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European Office365 Connect Sessions

  Hi all, I’ve recently had the chance (as many of you know) of giving two sessions at the first edition of the European Office365 Connect event (Haarlem, Netherlands) which I really enjoyed a lot, not just for the great speakers that it had (Seb Mathews, Dan Holme, Marc Reguera, Jasper Oosterveld, Albert-Jan Schot, Bram […]

The GuruXP repository – March 2014

During March of 2014 I´ve writen the following posts: GAL segregation with Exchange Online Disallow sending Emails to outside of the Org with Exchange Online Multi-factor Auth with Office365 Stuck messages on draft with Exchange 2013 I Wish you find them useful, let me know if they are

Stuck messages on Draft with Exchange Server 2013

Hi all, today I had the opportunity to solve one of my customers Exchange Server 2013 issues that is very common in restrictive DNS environments. The issue was about sent messages being stuck at the drafts folder and Exchange Server wasn´t able to send them out when using OWA (or Outbox with Outlook). Well, of […]

Multi-Factor Auth inside Office365

Hi, todays article is about Multi-Factor Auth for Office365. First of all, lets explain what is it, what are the benefits and then proceed to explain how to enable, configure and manage it via GUI and PowerShell… WHAT IS IT AND WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Multi-Factor Auth is a multiple validation system that allows us to fortify the […]

The new Yammer APP for Windows

  Hi, it’s well known that Yammer as well is great for team collaboration in a social level, but is also known that one of the weaker points of Microsoft social platform either if it’s part of the Office365 suite or as a standalone plan, is their notification APPS. Well, some days ago I received a […]

PS: Enable RMS for Office365

  Many of you already know what Rights Management Services (RMS) can do for us on an AD environment under the ADRMS role, and also are up to date that Office365 integrates this as a feature on enterprise plans. Well, there are some situations which you want to enable RMS on a tenant via GUI and […]

Migrate Office365 family plans easily

Until now, we had to be really careful when choosing the right Office365 plan for our Org, because if we chose a P1 plan and later on we wanted to change to an E1 plan because of the need to, we would have to pass thru a hell setting up a new E1 subscription, create […]

GuruXP repository – November 2013

On this month of 2013, i´ve writen the following posts: Purge deleted users in Office365 Print and save invoices inside Office365 enterprise plans APP: Service health dashboard for Office365   I Wish you find them useful, let me know if they are

APP: Service Health Dashboard for Office365

This utility is very simple as it only manages to notify and show the Office365 Administrator the Service Health of the service, if there´s an issue or if it´s been one, know the status, details and also acces the Post Incident Report (PIR). Actually this APP is in B1 phase and only suuports the viewing […]

Print and save Invoices inside Office365 Enterprise plans

One of the things that most persons ask at the Office365 forums is how to print and/or save invoices. Well to do so, we must access our Office365 portal ( with our Global Admin or Billing Administrator credentials, click on “licensing” on the left side panel and then on “Billing”:   Select a date and […]