Wildcard publishing and Powershell cmdlets now Generally Available

Hi All,

Last month we announced two features in public preview. I’m excited to share that both of those features, wildcard application publishing and Powershell cmdlets, are now Generally Available.

Many of you already joined us for the preview, but below is a reminder on how you can start using those features today.

App Proxy cmdlets in the GA Powershell Module

With Powershell, it’s easy to build and maintain a standardized process for deploying Application Proxy applications. To use the new Application Proxy cmdlets, you can download the GA module, or learn more. The cmdlets include:

  • Creating an application
  • Viewing all Connectors in a specific Connector Group
  • Configuring SSO settings for an application
  • Most other administrative controls for Azure AD Application Proxy

Wildcard Application Publishing in GA

Publishing many applications as one, by using a wildcard (*), reduces your administrative work, reduces opportunities for error, and helps make your users more efficient. This capability is now Generally Available.

Publish wildcard applications the same way you publish any other application. The only difference is that you should have a wildcard (*) in both the internal and external URLs. All applications in the scope of that wildcard can now be accessed by the assigned users.
To use wildcard publishing, sign into the Azure AD Admin Center or learn more in the documentation.

Let us know if you have any feedback or requests – comment here, post in the Application Proxy section of our feedback forum, or email aadapfeedback@microsoft.com.

Harshini Jayaram
Program Manager II

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