Limited Websocket Support now in Public Preview

Hi Folks,

Many of you have been asking for websocket support, and I’m excited to share that we now have limited support available in a public preview!

To join this public preview, there are just two steps:

  1. Publish an application. There are no unique publishing requirements for websocket applications, so publish this application the same way as all your other Application Proxy apps.
  2. Ensure you’re using websocket-supported connectors. Check that your Connectors are version 1.5.612.0 or above, or download it here. Also make sure the websocket application uses a Connector Group that only includes these Connectors.

QlikSense was the most requested application, and is currently the only application supported in this public preview. We will expand support to other applications soon. We have also worked with the Qlik team to create this walkthrough to help you deploy the QlikSense + Application Proxy.

Please note – we had several private preview customers use this solution with other applications as well. While you’re welcome to test out other applications, until we formally support them, we cannot guarantee they will work or offer complete support. If you do try this solution with a different application, we’d love to hear whether it worked or if you encounter any issues – let us know at .

Meanwhile, if you have any other applications you’d like us to support, let us know. For example, we know many people are testing Project Honolulu and Confluence with this solution, and are considering them for formal support.



Harshini Jayaram

Program Manager II

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