Free Load Balancer – KEMP Virtual LoadMaster

La gente de KEMP ahora nos permite disponer de un balanceador de carga gratuito para pequeñas empresas, esto nos permite "reemplazar" a nuestro querido TMG:

FeatureFree LoadMasterCommercial LoadMaster
Deployment on all supported hypervisors(VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen, Oracle VirtualBox)YesYes
Balancer Throughput License (L7)Up to 20MbpsUp to 10Gbps
TLS (SSL) TPS License (2K Keys)Up to 50Up to 12,000
Layer 4 concurrent connectionsLimited only by throughput license and available memoryUp to 3,000,000
Max Servers / Virtual Clusters1000/2561000/1000
TMG ReplacementYesYes
GSLB Multi-Site Load BalancingYesYes
SupportCommunityUp to 24 x 7 available
Layer 4/7 Load BalancingYesYes
Web Application Firewall Pack (AFP)YesYes – option to include commercial ruleset
Content SwitchingYesYes
Caching, Compression EngineYesYes
IPS (SNORT-Rules compatible)YesYes
L7 Cookie Persistence (Active/Passive)YesYes
Optimized templates for all major application workloadsYesYes
Active/Hot-standby Redundant OperationNoYes
Edge Security Pack(TMG Replacement)- Pre-Authentication- Single Sign On- Persistent LoggingYesYes
IPSec TunnelsYesYes
Licensing MechanismOnline (Call home every 30 days to refresh)Online and Offline
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Como vemos no tenemos derecho a soporte y hay que registrarlo cada 30 días, pero para pequeñas empresas y demos nos vendrá muy bien!!

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